Date:August 02, 2016

Government Buildings

The cost of heating and cooling older and outdated buildings continues to be a struggle for cities all over the United States. However, city, county and state buildings often have historical significance in a community and the facade of the building is an important part of the visual appeal–so changing expensive exterior windows is not an option with decreasing budgets. The Thermolite Window System is the solution.

Key features and benefits of this system include:

  • Significant ROI on energy costs
  • Enhanced Blast and Signal Defense security options
  • Maintains the historical integrity of the building
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Sound transmission control (STC) rating of 49 is possible
  • Installs quickly on the inside of your installation’s buildings (draws no attention the exterior of the building)
  • Off hours installation possible


Thermolite FTC Building
Federal Trade Commission Building- Washington DC