Date:March 26, 2018

Health Care Facilities

The energy costs for hospitals and medical buildings can be a large portion of monthly expenses–but upgrading the HVAC systems or replacing the windows can also be a major capital expenditure. With the Thermolite Window System, there is no need for costly window replacements or HVAC upgrades. And, because we can install the system on the interior of the building during off-peak hours, there is little-to-no disruption to your staff and patients.

Key features and benefits of this system include:

  • Immediate ROI on energy costs
  • Patented technology that protects buildings from:
    • Bomb blast
    • Ballistics
    • Spying
    • Hurricane winds
  • Installs quickly on the inside of your installation’s buildings (draws no attention the exterior of the building)
  • Overnight installation possible
  • Significant noise reduction (sound transmission control (STC) rating of 49)
  • Maintains the historical integrity of the building