Date:March 26, 2018

Hospitality Industries

Every day, you have rooms to fill and spend money heating and cooling rooms–regardless if they’re filled. The cost of replacing older, inefficient windows can be out of the budget and can change the architectural integrity of the building. Behind labor, utilities represent the largest variable cost to the hotel operator. Reduction of noise from street traffic, sirens and wind is best in class and will be the best side effect of this system to your guests. Thermolite Window Systems is the solution and will install from the inside in our typical clandestine fashion.

Key features and benefits of this system include:

  • Significant ROI on energy costs
  • Enhanced Blast and Signal Defense and Hurricane security options
  • Maintains the historical integrity of the building
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Sound transmission control (STC) rating of 49 is possible
  • Installs quickly on the inside of your installation’s buildings (draws no attention the exterior of the building)
  • Off hours installation possible