Date:December 21, 2017

Office Buildings

Office building owners rarely consider a window replacements a good investment simply because of the high cost. Not only are modern, insulated glass windows expensive, but so is the labor to install them. In many cases of buildings from the Mid-Modern Era (1958-1973), insulated glass and thermally broken curtain wall is too heavy to be hung on the existing structure so the “modern” glazing option is not possible. The Thermolite Window System places another glass lite behind the existing one, making single-glazed windows double, and insulated glass windows triple glazed.  We completely eliminate the high cost, long installation times and will make your older building envelope a very high performer.

Thermolite has been exclusively working with the US Government as a federal contractor since 9/11. Our technology has often been installed as a stand-alone security measure with no other energy saving products like light bulbs, sensors, etc.  Projects completed in 2011 and 2012 have documented total building utility savings of 20-23%, just by placing interior windows in all the openings of these office buildings.

Based on these findings, Thermolite is poised to help office building owners preserve their investment for years to come. The Thermolite Window System is ideal for commercial building owners for 3 reasons:

1. FAST ROI:  We typically see 5-7 year returns on a basic energy system.

2. Superior Tenant Safety:  Blast mitigation is of particular interest to buildings in larger cities that are close to targeted buildings.  Our blast window will never require structural reinforcing and is the easiest to install in the world.  We meet and exceed all military and federal blast level standards.

Hurricane protection has become of interest in the Northeast of late.  Our product has been tested in 2012 with Hurricane Iassac in New Orleans.  The picture you see below is two adjacent hotel properties- one with and one without the Thermolite Hurricane Window System.

Data security is a vital concern to financial institutions and banks.  Every time someone access their work or home email using a cell phone, they are transmitting username and password keystokes right out the windows, the weakest link of your building.  Thermolite utilizes the same window signal attenuation technology that has been placed in all critical branches of the US government which recently just became declassified.  We offer this truly unique product to the private marketplace.

3. Capital Reductions, Tax Incentives and Tenant Comfort Benefits:  Imagine dropping the heating and cooling load in your building by 20-30% and how that would impact this would have on your boiler system.  Perhaps one of your units would not have to run and could be used only as a back up.  There would be no need to invest in a new system to keep your tenants at a comfortable temperature; but if an investment was needed- the capacity would be downsized by this amount which can save millions in capital expense.

Interior windows are used to take advantage of historic tax credits which are 20% Federal and usually 20% state depending on your location.  Windows are often the sticking point in most projects.  Not only are our windows preferred by historical architects but are actually used by the people who write the standards – the Department of the Interior main Washington DC facility.

Lastly, tenant comfort is something not to overlook.  Too many older buildings once A and B properties are now B and C.  Drafty areas and hot zones are all common place in buildings of even the 1970s.  The Thermolite System controls temperature, reduces glare in office space and even eliminates street noise with a laminated glass product (blast / hurricane) as just a nice side effect.  Frames are custom designed and installed to match the decor of any building.  We brighten, warm and secure any office work environment you may have.